Sample of my work as a director, shot in Canada, USA, Saipan and Japan. 

The 4:3 aspect ratio footage was shot on 16mm Kodak Vision 2 film, all other work was shot on digital format.



4:3アスペクト比の映像はKodak Vision 2の16mmフィルムで撮影したものです。

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Discussing the next set up with DOP Shari Bailey.
Enjoying the job.
Directing the scene.
Rolling with a great crew.
Directing the scene.
Its hard not to smile on the job that you love.
Rolling 16mm film.
geared up for some action in the water.
Shooting Tina Bingham in freezing cold winter ocean.
ready to roll.
RED camera.
Steady cam shot.
Dynamic Steadycam work.
Prepping some dynamic camera work.
Getting the shot with DOP Hans bobanovits.
Getting the shot with DOP Hans Bobanovits.
Shooting in Tokyo with a great cast and crew.
Setting up the next shot.
Directing the scene.

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