Client: NTT Docomo.
Project type: Web Commercial.
Producer, Production Manager, Concept and Script Writer,
Director, Editor, Colorist: Sebastian Angel.
DOP: Hans Bobanovits.
SteadyCam Operator: Tetsuo Suzuki.
RED MONSTRO 8K with Ultra Prime Lenses and 1/8 Glimmer Glass on SteadyCam.
Directing the scene
The Monstro on set.
SteadyCam Operator in his element
Directing the scene
SteadyCam Operator Tetsuo and DP Hans Bobanovits
Green screen phone action
With the talented cast, Nakayama Mubu and Honma Atsushi.
Setting up the next shot
DP Hans Bobanovits and SteadyCam Op Tetsuo in their element
With the talented cast Hiraoka Aki, Haruna Mori, Sakura Mika.
With the awesome Crew.
DP Hans Bobanovits and Steady Cam Op Tetsuo, rehearsing the shot.
Directing the scene
and, action.
setting up the scene.
Our talented Make-up at work.
With the talented actress, Saki, and rockin' DP, Hans Bobanovits.
Working the scene with DP Hans Bobanoivts and steady Cam Op Tetsuo.
Directing the scene.
shooting in the rain.
Our awesome sound mixer, Giles.
Talented cast and crew teamwork in the rain.
Setting the next shot with SteadyCam Op Tetsuo.

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