Sebastian Angel is a Video Producer, Director and Photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
He was born in 1983 in Medellin, Colombia, and was raised in Tokyo, Japan, since he was fourteen years old. During this cultural transition in his life, he found a great interest in capturing moments in time on video and stills. Subsequently, he found his passion in not only capturing, but in creating a series of moments that he envisions to tell a story.
While still attending high school, Sebastian had the opportunity to work as a video production intern at Thello Entertainment Inc, founded by Bobby Digi. He also worked as a production assistant to American extreme sports and music cable television show produced by Takahiro Masuda, entitled `In Your Face TV' during their shoots in Japan.
After Sebastian graduated from high school, eager to learn in greater depth the technical and theoretical film industry standards, he moved to Canada to study at `Vancouver Film School', and graduated with a diploma in Film Production.
During his stay in the west after graduation, pursuing his desire to refine his craft as a film director, Sebastian worked on various independent short films, feature films, and documentaries, fulfilling various positions in a film production, from sound mixer, art director, camera operator, to film editor, producer and director. Having the opportunity to work on different divisions of a film production helped him better understand how to collaborate and communicate as a director with every department of a film production.
After his return to Tokyo, Japan, in 2006, Sebastian has had the privilege to work for a wide range of clients such as NTT Docomo, SBI Group, Infiniti Motor Company, Nissan Motor Corporation, Amazon Ads, Coel (apparel) , NHK World, Philips Japan, Sony Interactive Entertainment, to name a few.
In August of 2015, he was featured on a television documentary program entitled "Journeys in Japan", which showcased his work and it was broadcasted on NHK World in 150 countries world wide.
Additionally, he had the opportunity to shoot two consecutive cover stories for Adventure King magazine, traveling to the island of Saipan with Japanese movie star Yosuke Kubozuka, and South Korea with Japanese TV personality, Genking.
Since 2020 Sebastian has been affiliated as a Lead Creative Producer with eg+ worldwide Japan, a global content and creative production agency.
He currently lives near the beach in Kanagawa, Japan, where his love for surfing has inspired him to take his craft to the ocean as well.
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